For more than 20 years the name Schneider is standing for competence and experience in the field of construction. The founding idea has been simple: to overcome the variety of obstacles accompanying the construction business. Rights of way negotiations and the affiliated documentation in the field of pipeline construction has been our first approach to that goal. The demand of these services was – and is still to this day – enormous.

Therefore we established our first company shortly after the millenium:

Schneider Consulting GmbH

Since its foundation Schneider Consulting GmbH has explored many other fields associated to construction.

Especially projects involving many different companies are in need of a perfect coordination and planning in advance, during the construction process and in the follow-on. We offer our customers the opportunity to receive all services from a single source. Our clients need only one contact - us.

Occupational safety and accident prevention has also been an ever growing task field. In 2007 we established a second company in this area of work:

Schneider Controlling-Consulting GmbH

We from Schneider Controlling-Consulting GmbH provide trained Health Safety Coordinators (HSC) and Industrial Safety Specialists, take over the planning and implementation of occupational safety in your company or construction project, give operating instructions for safety, first aid trainings and much more.

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