Our fields of employment center around the elimination of actual and potential interferences and problems for our customers. We try to eliminate them even before they are considered as a fault or problem. We provide a safe and efficient working environment for our customers so they can confidently focus on their core business activities.

To establish this goal we pool a whole range of skills.


First, we can reference to extensive experiences in our service areas. These are invaluable in sensitive work areas as rights of way, documentation or occupational safety.

We know what to expect!


Those experiences range not only a variety of fields and a long period of time but also lots of geographical places. While our main activity takes place in Germany, further areas of work lie across the EU and beyond.

We have successfully worked on construction sites in Austria, Switzerland, France, Croatia, Belgium, Luxembourg and Israel.

Competent staff

Schneider stands as well for well-trained and competent staff. We employ a variety of engineers for construction and surveying, industrial engineers, electrical engineers and technicians, construction technicians, specialists for occupational safety and health and safety coordinators, computer scientists, IT specialists and office staff who generate a homogenous work environment.

Our employees receive regularly trainings and further educations both inhouse and extern. We know that employee development lies in the best interests of our customers as well as our employees. It provides job satisfaction and team spirit for a competent staff.


We only use the best equipment. By regularly attending trade fairs and information events, we are always well informed about new developments.

Working with a variety of manufacturers and equipment suppliers also enables us to present our customers the best solution in any situation.

Individual database-driven software application

We have incorporated our experience of documentational service into a database-driven software application. Adapted to the individual needs of our business activities, all key processes are perfect documented and can be further processed with all the advantages of modern information technology.

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