Our Health and Safety Coordinators support you in the planning phase as well as the execution phase at your construction site. The need for HSCs is given as soon as work of several firms can not be separated in time and space. 

With the cooperation of various companies not only each company's internal risk potential is to analyze and monitor. The risks resulting from the cooperation and interaction of several parties must also be precisely analyzed and added to a safety and health plan. We create such a safety and health plan and instruct all workers at the site on the potential hazards.

Our programs include construction site inspections for the verification and implementation of

  • a safety and health plan,
  • all relevant laws,
  • rules and regulations and
  • transmission of safety-related information.

Our work is documented in detail, the documentation is handed over at the conclusion.

Our years of experience on construction sites and in factories allows us to remove or at least reduce accidents and hazardous situations quickly and efficiently.

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