The Direct Reflex (DR) method is also called electro-optical reflectorless distance measurement and dispenses in contrast to conventional surveying (with prisms) on the previous installation of reflectors at the measurement points. With this innovative measuring method even inaccessible points (like steep slopes, embankments, cliffs, pits and busy traffic areas) can be measured easily.

Within the DR process our surveyor mark three installation points beside the road / the tracks. From here they lay an arbitrarily tight grid on the area with the help of the Trimble Survey Controller software to be measured with a range of up to 80 m in each direction. Due to the marked-up points this grid is reproducible at any time, so that in subsequent surveillance surveys exactly the same points can be measured again. With a maximum deviation of 4 mm, this method has a very high accuracy.

The following excerpt from the manual of the Trimble Survey Control illustrates the application of a measurement grid to measure from one point an entire surface:

A more accurate picture of the possibilities of our DR measurements can be obtained by following representations of measurements of a road, a highway and a railway traffic line:

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