In civil engineering roads or tracks are often traversed. It is necessary to survey these roads or tracks before (baseline measurement), while and after the constructional measure. By doing this all possible subsidences that result in the course of pressures and drillings are controlled and monitored.

The control surveying represents a considerable organizational effort - especially the surveying of highways and railway tracks - and therefore a very high cost factor: In addition to the survey costs also costs for traffic enforcement operations and / or safety measures have to be added.

By our modern surveying technology at Schneider Controlling-Consulting GmbH we have found a unique way to carry out these monitoring and surveillance surveys without even entering the railways, motorways or roads. This not only saves on staff and organizational effort and thus effectively reduces the cost, but also provides a high temporal flexibility in the surveying process.

The procedure which allows us as effective and cost-saving surveys is based upon Direct Reflex technology.

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