One of our particular surveying services is the pipeline bending survey at construction sites. The bending survey represents a major challenge.

Accompanying to bending surveying we also offer you a complete service package from topographic records to pipe succession lists. All conditions arising from geography, planning, technical specifications and possibilities as well as the customer's specifications are considered in order to determine an optimum economic pipe construction.

Our pipe succession list includes the values ​​determined by the actually existing tube lengths as well as the complete information required for the bending masters and adjuster. All information on pipe number, cutting length, beginning of the bending, number of degrees and rotation are determined. On request we can provide also a complete pipe book.

Since we determine the pipe design with CAD, at any time we can provide you with additional information to simplify your job. For example, we can easily present you details of complicated points graphically or provide you with GPS data. Likewise, the incorporation into GIS is possible.

By pipeline bending surveying the number of pipe sections and welding seams is effectively minimized leading to both a reduction of the costs as well as to a more stable pipe structure.

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