We clear your way!

You are planing a line construction site and are looking for an experienced partner to handle the contact with the authorities and the local residents?

Stop looking, we will accomplish the tasks given.

For your project mangement we coordinate and manage the rights of way of lines and agricultural areas by complying with the high requirements given by building projects such as

  • wind farms and their installation,
  • cabel and pipeline routes and
  • road construction.

Our team is specialized in the field of rights of way on line construction sides with an experience from over 20 years. In the course of this we carry out the rights of way for the client and the general contractor.

To carry out the complex tasks in the field of rights of way and to implement the conditions given by the affected authorities, foreign pipeline/cable operators or local residents, we only use qualified employees. All our employees are well trained, have the required experience and qualifications.

With our unique performance and industry bandwidth, we are known as one of the leading companies in the field of line construction sides and look after our customers in the fields of industry, economy, energy and construction worldwide.

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