With the structural survey we document the status quo of the affected sections and grounds (streets, ways, landscapes, foreign pipelines/cables, stretch of water, railroads and many more).

Especially in the pipeline engineering many of the stated varieties are crossed. Often after the completion of the construction high costs arise for the restoration of the status quo.

Our strucutral survey can help to lower the costs by proofing and documenting pre-existing damage.

The documentation of the structural survey is being carried out by using GPRS, GIS, photos and a description of the damage. As the damages are registered in the ongoing direction of the construction it is very easy fo find and compare a possible damaged area after if the need arises.

Some example pictures of a damage detection while carrying out a structural survey

  • Beweissicherung1
  • Beweissicherung2
  • Beweissicherung3
  • Beweissicherung4
  • Beweissicherung5
  • Beweissicherung6
  • Beweissicherung7
  • Beweissicherung8


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