We have developed (in consultation with appropriate emergency services) special alarm and emergency reporting plans as part of our long experience in the field of pipeline construction. These plans facilitate the rescue of the injured.

Since working in the area of ​​line construction regularly takes place in the open field, an exact address can not always be specified when reporting an emergency. All employees working on the site are taught to use our alarm and emergency reporting plans with included reporting points. Thus, a position (by referencing the project name and the number of the reporting point) can easily be given to the emergency services. As these services are informed about the reporting points a quick help can be organized in case of an accident .

Information included on our alarm and emergency reporting plans are

  • project Name
  • Overview map with reporting points and their coordinates
  • Short instructions "What is to be done?" in case of accidents, fire or environmental damage
  • the nearest hospitals, doctors and ophthalmologists
  • telephone list (the most important numbers on and off the site in cases of emergency)
  • general rules of conduct
  • directions for the bureau of the construction site
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