Schneider Controlling-Consulting GmbH offers a safety care in the field of occupational safety which is based on many years of experience. We work for small, medium or large enterprises and construction sites (with more than 2500 workers).

We are happy to be your contact person for the occupational safety and remain in this function of course in a constant dialogue with you.

Our support includes

  • the preparation of
    • a safety concept that builds on your business,
    • risk assessments,
    • operating instructions,
    • a training system hand in hand with the implementation of safety instructions and safety rules of conduct ,
  • updating your already consisting risk assessment and
  • implementing the risk assessment in your company,
  • establishing appropriate measures to prevent accidents in your work processes,
  • motivating your employees for compliance with the safety requirements,
  • the instruction of your employees with respect to
    • accidents and health hazards,
    • prevention measures,
    • safety and healthy behavior,
    • protective devices,
    • operating instructions,
    • etc.
  • identifying accident black spots and work-related diseases,
  • constructing a cadastre of hazardous substances,
  • the determination of powers and responsibilities in occupational safety for your company.
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